Happy 5th Anniversary!

This month marks an important milestone for SySTEMic Innovations. Our organization is turning five!

SySTEMic Innovations became a free-standing nonprofit in 2011 through the generous support of the Bayer Foundation. I am honored to have been with SySTEMic Innovations since its inception at the Bayer Corporation. Over the past five years, we’ve had the opportunity to positively influence the education of thousands of students. The organization has evolved a great deal since the initiative began in 2003, but one thing remains constant: our commitment to systemic science education reform through a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum.

We are grateful for the educators who have joined us in pursuing this vision. We know it is not simply the materials or curriculum that make a difference in how students learn science, but also how teachers utilize those tools to foster critical thinking and real world connections. This is why we do what we do – to ensure that every student is prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow.

With Gratitude,
Nicole Riegel
Executive Director